PSL Web Products and Tools

PSL has created a set of web products and tools that we have found useful in our research. The following display real-time and historical datasets we have at PSL.

Climate Datasets | Instrumental Datasets

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Climate Datasets

Search and Plot Gridded climate datasets
Search through PSL's collection of gridded climate datasets. Plot or subset data
Plot North American Regional Reanalysis (Daily and Hourly)
Plot composites from the 32km resolution North American Regional Reanalysis dataset.
Plot Sea Level Pressure (SLP) Datasets
From the Global Observing System (GCOS) Surface pressure working group. Plot current and historic pressure datasets.
Plot monthly composites of NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis and other datasets (Daily and Hourly)
Average data (means and anomalies) from different time periods together and produce custom maps and plots.
Plot Time Sections
Plot hovmollers (means and anomalies) from the NCEP operational and Reanalysis datasets.
US Climate Division Maps
Plot US climate divisional data (precipitation, temperature and PDSI) from 1895 to the present including means and anomalies and other products.
Plot Ocean/Atmosphere Timeseries
A collection of ocean/atmosphere and other useful monthly timeseries which can be downloaded, plotted and compared
Plot US local precipitation anomalies
Select location from maps and plot accumulated values along with normals.
PSL Maproom: Climate and Weather Products
Current means and anomalies for many atmospheric and ocean variables presented in different regional forms.


Instrumental Datasets

Realtime Boundary Layer Profiler Network:
Plots of specified date/variable for various selected US sites
PSL Real-time Satellite Products
Images from the latest GOES East and West Satellites
Crystal-Face: Florida Cirrus Cloud Study
Various measured parameters such as particle size, water content, heating rate and more are available on a daily basis over the course of the experiment.
EPIC Cloud Radar Data (2001)
Eastern Pacific Investigation of Climate measures the vertical profile of clouds as they pass over the radar. Data is available daily.
Sheba Data Browser
Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean:cloud water content and droplet/crystal size 1997-98
a study of Environmental Arctic Change
North Slope Alaska (NSA) MMCR:
North Slope of Alaska: Cloud water content and droplet/crystal size, Barrow AK
Pacific Land-falling Jets Experiment (PACJET) Model Verification: 2003
Compares model and observed winds
HMT Soil Moisture Measurements
Plot soil moisture and related measurements for HMT sites