Access and Analyze Hourly Weather/Climate Time Series

This web-tool extracts time-series or sets of highest/lowest value dates from different reanalysis datasets. These dates can be saved and used in the sub-daily composite web page to investigate climate/weather events. A separate page provides time-series of daily data.

The 20CRv3 dataset is now available from 1806!

Select variable/level. You can limit the selection to a set or range of years and a particular season. There is a 30 year limit. 20CRV3 is large and <10 years is advised. Longer time periods will take a while and may time out. To save timeseries, when on the result page with time-series, select from browser file menu "Save As" or similar to a preferred filename.
Time-series Selection
Variable from the NCEP Reanalysis dataset (1948-2019)
OR: Variable from the 20thC V3 dataset (1806-2015)
Variable? Statistic?
OR: Variable from the 20thC V2c dataset (1851-2014)
OR: Variable from the ERA-Interim dataset (1979-2019)
OR: Variable from the ERA5 dataset (1979-2019). Select only 1-2 years due to data size.
Grid Box Latitude: Longitude:
Season/Year Refinement
Beginning month of season Ending month
Enter range of years
OR Enter Years to use (from 1 to 20) e.g. 1972. For seasons that span a year (e.g. DJF), please enter year of the LAST month.

Select (times) of day (optional). Some var/datasets are 4 times daily and others are 8.
0Z   6Z   12Z   18Z   All
Type of Output
Get timeseries Get subset of dates