Going Out With a Boom — Farewell to the BAO Tower

Group photo at the demolition
Aerial shot of downed tower
Cement tower anchor
Falling tower
Bottom of downed tower
Mangled tower
Photos courtesy Tina Schiffbauer, Robin Webb, and Dan Wolfe of ESRL/PSL, and Travis Farquar of Ayuda Companies

The 300m tower at the former Boulder Atmospheric Observatory (BAO) in Erie, CO was demolished on December 20, 2017 — almost a year and a half after the site officially shut down in 2016. Some of the NOAA staff there to witness the event were (group photo below): David Fahey of ESRL/CSD; Chad Hepp of Western Acquisitions Division; Mark George of SECO; David Lee, Robin Webb, Bill Otto, Dan Wolfe (retired), Barb DeLuisi, and Tina Schiffbauer of ESRL/PSL; Bianca Blau of Western Acquisitions Division; and Public Affairs Officer, Theo Stein. The tower’s legacy came to an end after nearly 40 years of observations, experiments, and instrument testing.

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Watch Video: Bill Otto and Dan Wolfe Press the Button (By B. DeLuisi and T. Stein, NOAA)    Aerial Footage (By NOAA and J. Deis, Ridgeline Engineering)