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List of Datasets

The following is a list of SLP Datasets. Click on a description to get timeseries and download information, courtesy of NOAA PSL.

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Timeseries Name Start Year End Year Grid size
Kaplan SLP Anomalies Jan 1854 Jul 2001 4x4 (90x45)
20th Century Reanalysis V2 SLP Jan 1871 Dec 2012 2x2 (180x91)
NOAA Extended Reconstructed SLP Jan 1854Dec 19972x2 (180x89)
Hadley Center SLP Jan 1871Dec 19985x5 (72x37)
Hadley Center SLP 2 (HadSLP2) Jan 1850Dec 2019 5x5 (72x37)
NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis SLP Jan 1948present2.5x2.5 (144x73)
ICOADS SLP 2x2 Jan 1800present2x2 (180x90)
ICOADS SLP 1x1 Jan 1960present1x1 (360x180)

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