Linear Correlations in Atmospheric Seasonal/Monthly Averages

Plot correlations of seasonally averaged variables from the NCEP reanalysis with specified teleconnection and ocean index time-series. Correlations are generally available from Jan 1948 to Jun 2022 .

Directions for custom time series.

Variable and Date Options:

Correlation Regression

Which variable? Analysis level?
Beginning month of season Ending month
Enter year range for correlations (Optional) leads or lags correlating variable.
For seasons that span a year (e.g. DJF), please enter year of the LAST month of season. Default is 1948(9)-2015.
Time Series? If custom:
(optional) custom title:

Plot Options

Color? Shading Type
Override default contour interval? Interval: Range: lowhigh Scale Plot Size(%)
Reverse color table?No Yes
Plot Region/Type (For your own lat/lon region, you must choose Custom or Crossection )
Enter lowest lat (-90 to 90) Highest lat
Enter western most longitude (0 to 360) Eastern most longitude
Select projection for CUSTOM:
Choose height range for CROSSECTION: to

This is a Research and Development Application
Background Information
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