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The following is a list of relevant historic timeseries relating to surface pressure, SST (calculated using the HadISST dataset) and other climate variables. We will try to keep them updated though not all are updated at the source. More timeseries may be added in the future. Click on the Analyze/Plot button to visualize the different timeseries. Click on a description to get timeseries and download information.

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Climate Indices

Timeseries NameStart YearEnd Year
Southern Oscillation Index (SOI)1866 Aug 2021
Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) 20CR1871Dec 2012
North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO): here, the normalized pressure difference between Gibraltar and SW Iceland.1821 Jul 2021
Reconstructed North Atlantic Oscillation (RNAO): Reconstructed monthly NAO.1658 Jul 2001
Arctic Oscillation (AO)1871 Sep 2020
Southern Annular Mode (SAM)1851Dec 2011
Trans Polar Index (TPI): normalized pressure difference between Hobart and Stanley1895 Mar 2021
Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO): From JIASO1900 Jun 2021
TPI (IPO) Tripole Index for the Pacific Interdecadal Oscillation (ERSSTV5 version): From U of Melbourne1854 Mar 2021
Dipole Mode Index (DMI) (HadISST1.1 version): Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JMASTEC)1870 Dec 1911
North Pacific Index: From NCAR1899 Feb 2021
Pacific North American Index: From 20CRV218712012

Station SLP Timeseries

Timeseries NameStart YearEnd Year
South-West Iceland SLP1821 Dec 2002
Ponta Delgada, Azores SLP1865 Dec 2002
Gilbraltar SLP1821 Dec 2002
Nagasaki SLP1818 Dec 2000
Madras SLP1796 Jan 2005
Darwin SLP1866 Dec 2014
Tahiti SLP1856 Dec 2014

SST Indices

Timeseries NameStart YearEnd Year
Niño 3: SST 5N-5S,150W-90W 1870 Sep 2021
Niño 3.4: SST 5N-5S,170W-120W1870 Sep 2021
Niño 4: SST 5N-5S, 160E-150W1870 Sep 2021
Niño 1+2: SST 0N-10S, 90W-80W1870 Sep 2021
AMO: SST Atlantic north of 0N.1871 Jun 2006

Temperature Indices

Timeseries NameStart YearEnd Year
Global Average Temperature Anomalies: Calculated from station data1880 Jul 2021
Global Average Temperature and SST Anomalies: Calculated from station data and SST1880 Jul 2021
Global Average Temperature and SST Anomalies: From CRU Calculated from station data and SST1850 Feb 2019
Monthly sunspot counts: From SIDC1749 Aug 2021

Precipitation Indices

Northern Sierra precip index: From Cal DWR1921 Aug 2021
Central Sierra precip index: From Cal DWR1913 Sep 2021
Southern Sierra precip index: From Cal DWR1923 Aug 2021

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