Meet Jonah Sandoval

Jonah Sandoval

PSL engineer Jonah Sandoval joined the Hydrometeorology Observations and Processes Team as a contractor for the Science and Technology Corporation in September of 2020. Jonah then was hired on as a federal employee in December 2021. His work primarily focuses on assisting with the installation and maintenance of PSL field equipment including wind and precipitation profilers as well as and meterological sensors.

Prior to joining PSL, Jonah completed his B.S in Electrical Engineering at Gonzaga University in 2020. He also ran Track and Field and Cross Country at Gonzaga University. In the summers, Jonah completed multiple internships. He worked for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on testing/building circuit boards.

Jonah also modified and redesigned existing techology for future projects. In 2019 he worked for BMM Testlabs – a casino gaming testing company in Las Vegas. At BMM his focus was testing the hardware and software on casino games. This testing was crucial before new gaming machines could be approved for active casino floor use.

In his free time, Jonah enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, disc golf, and occasional trail running.