DatasetsAreal CoverageGrid SizeTime StepTime CoverageLevels
CMAP Precipitation Global2.5°x2.5° Monthly,Pentad1979- None
CPC .25x.25 Daily US Unified Precipitation U.S..25°x.25°Daily1948-2006None
CPC Hourly Precipitation U.S.2.0°x2.5°Hourly1948-2002None
GHCN version 2 Land Precipitation Dataset Global5.0°x5.0° Monthly1900-presentNone
Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC) Global0.5°x0.5°,1.0°x1.0°, 2.5°x2.5° Monthly1901-presentNone
GPCP V2.3 Precipitation Global2.5°x2.5° Monthly1979-2013None
Livneh daily CONUS near-surface gridded meteorological and derived hydrometeorological data. CONUS0.06°x0.06° Daily, Monthly1915-2011None
NCEP Operational Analysis Global2.5°x2.5° Daily 1979-presentNone
NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Global2.5°x2.5°, T42 Gaussian, T62 spectral 4X Daily, Daily, Monthly1948-present17 pressure levels, 28 spectral
NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Products Derived at NOAA/PSL Global2.5°x2.5°, T62 Gaussian Daily, Monthly1948-present17 pressure levels, 28 spectral
NCEP/DOE Reanalysis II Global2.5°x2.5° 4X Daily, Daily, Monthly1979-Dec 201217 Pressure levels
NOAA's Precipitation Reconstruction (PREC) Global2.5°x2.5° Monthly1979-presentNone
NOAA's Precipitation Reconstruction over Land (PREC/L) Global2.5°x2.5° Monthly1948-presentNone
PSL South America Daily Gridded Precipitation South America2.5°x2.5°, 1.0°x1.0°Daily1940-near presentNone
North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR) Northern Hemisphere32km grids 8X Daily, Daily, Monthly1979-Dec 201228 Pressure
NOAA-CIRES 20th Century Reanalysis (V2) Global2.5°x2.5° 4X Daily1871-201224 pressure levels
NOAA-CIRES 20th Century Reanalysis (V2c) Global2.5°x2.5° 4X Daily1851-201424 pressure levels
NOAA-CIRES-DOE 20th Century Reanalysis V3new! Global1.0°x1.0° 8X Daily1836-201524 pressure levels
U. of Delaware Precipitation and Air Temperature Global Land0.5°x0.5° Monthly1900-2014None
CPC Global Precipitation Global0.5°x0.5° Daily1979-presentNone